Earthquake hits Indonesia, yet again

Earthquake hits Indonesia, yet again

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.6 hit Sulawesi islands in northern part of Indonesia. The epicenter of the earthquake was 61 kilometers southeast of Palu city on Sulawesi Islands.

This not the first time that Indonesia is undergoing such a disaster. In  2004 (earthquake magnitute 9.1) and  in 2005 (earthquake magnitute 8.6), had hit Indonesia. Recently, in April 2012 also the country was rattled by a massive earthquake.

Why so many earthquakes especially in Indonesia? That happens because it lies on the ‘Fault lines’. To understand this, imagine Earth like a big puzzle where puzzle pieces are made up earth plates and the gaps between all the puzzle pieces correspond to plate boundaries called ‘fault’ line .  Earthquakes always happen along plate boundaries.  Unfortunately, areas that are situated more directly on or near a ‘fault’ line are more prone to earthquakes. Indonesia, Japan, USA, Chile are some such areas.

Fortunately this time, despite the strong intensity of the earthquake, no one is reported hurt.



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