Eat Bugs to Save The World?

Image Credit: Flickr User unnormalized, via CC

Did you know?

Insects have higher and better protein content than meat.

The tiny creatures are extremely rich in fiber.

They are rich in micronutrients like zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous that are beneficial to our body in many different ways.

They have very low risk of transmitting diseases to humans, unlike meat, pork and poultry.

So many health benefits of eating insects! Then wouldn’t it be a good to snack on these tiny critters? Yes, of course. The only problem is that to many people the idea of eating insects might sound bizarre! However, many countries particularly in South East Asia, Africa and South America eat insects as delicacies.

So, what is the point we are getting at?

The point is that UN says that the world will be healthier, cleaner, and a better place to live in the future if people all over the world start to think about the prospect of eating insects. It will be a healthy solution for exploding global population and increasing environmental concerns. Plus, you can be in charge of pest controlling:) Ha!

Think about it – Fried Tarantulas, steamed larvae’s, cricket cookies… yum or yuck!! ;)


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