Giants in The Water !!

Hippopotamus  meaning ‘ River Horse’ are plant eating, water loving giants. They look like a pig and is much larger than a crocodile. These huge and fierce looking water giants are lovingly called Hippos by most of us. They are very friendly with other hippos and prefer to live in larger groups or “Pods”. They are never far from water!

Sometimes they make a Hippo pool-party with hundreds of their hippo friends, sharing a pool of water during the day. They grunt, growl, scream and make other sounds underwater to communicate with each other!
In the night, all the hippos come out of the water to graze on land. They stay very close to water and can eat as much as 45kgs of plants and grass! Wow!

Hippos are very peaceful animals. Because of their big size, they have no enemies except the lion and humans. Baby Hippos are born in water, they learn swimming before walking.

Funny Hippo talk:
Did you know that Hippos have pink sweat,  that acts like sun screen in the heat and as well as a medicine against cuts and scrapes !!


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