Greenest Olympics Ever, Photocredit:

Greenest Olympics Ever

London Olymopics 2012 is all set to be the most environment friendly Olympics ever. Here is how the London Olympics authorities are going to make it possible.

  • When the Games start on July 27, spectators will take public transport instead of each taking vehicle of their own. This will save fuel and pollution caused by thousands of vehicles.
  • East London Olympic park has been covered with recycling bins all over. This would probably mean  zero waste on land.
  • A former industrial site has been cleaned up, to create a wetland park planted with 300,000 plants and 2,000 native trees.
  • Millions of meals can be bought in compostable containers  at a huge McDonald’s outlet. McDonald’s is going to use entirely recyclable bags.
  • McDonald’s cooking oil will become biodiesel to power its trucks.

Whoa!! And This is not it! There are many more ways by which this year’s Games are set to be the greenest ever.
Mother Earth will be surely proud and happy!!:)


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