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How All Babies are Different?

Image Credit: Flickr user beingmyself, via CC

Have you ever seen a new born bear’s cub? It is so tiny that it can fit in the palm of your hand.  In one year it would be as powerful as mama bear. It would be able to hunt on its own and defend itself. It would be all grown up in one year.

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Consider a kangaroo‘s baby now;  joey is born as a pink hairless tiny worm. Only the front legs are a bit developed, so it just stays in the mama’s pouch. Another year and joey is ready to step out and face the world. It takes one more year to be a full grown up.

Image Credit: Flickr user sadiehart, via CC

giraffe‘s baby is able to stand on its own the day it is born. Of course, it has wobbly legs in the beginning, and it tumbles a lot. Mother giraffe keeps kicking its own calf until it is ready it learns all about walking.

Image Credit: Flickr user USFWS/Southeast, via CC

Mother turtle lays about hundred round eggs and buries them in a hole in the sand. The sand keeps the eggs warm till it is time to hatch eggs. The tiny baby turtles directly swim to the sea and survive alone.

Image Credit: Flickr user ahisgett, via CC

Mother orangutans give birth to a single baby in tree-top nests about once every seven years. Young orangutans cling to their mother’s fur for five to eight years learning all they need to know about the forest and survival by watching her.

Image Credit: Flickr user frankdouwes, via CC

Do you remember the time when you were a baby? The day you were born you could not do anything except sleep, eat or cry. You could not even move if you wanted, not that you wanted to do that then. You were bigger than most of the babies described above except giraffe, but you grew slower than them.

Human babies take the longest to grow. All the babies in the wild grow extremely fast, but human babies need care for a long time.

Do you want to go and hug your parents for taking such good care of you :)


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