Humans Under Water - Aquanaut!

Humans Under Water – Aquanauts!

Long time ago humans only wondered what the underwater world looked like. The were imaginative stories of mermaids and sea monsters. The sailors used to make up stories about the sea and the life under the sea.

Now in these days and times we don’t have to believe in such tales as we know much more about what is happening in the world. There are scuba divers who wear a diving suit, have oxygen cylinder and oxygen masks. They explore the ocean for long hours. There are also people who stay continuously in the water for longer than 24 hrs, they are called Aquanauts. 

The first human aquanaut was Robert Sténuit , who lived on board a tiny one-man cylinder at 200 feet for 24 hours in September 1962 on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea. The Aquanauts have to get regular medical check ups as they have to stay under water pressure for long hours. Some Aquanauts are scientists, some are treasure hunters and some are writers.

Aqua Quiz:

Why are Aquanauts called so?  Because “Aqua” means water and “naut” means travellers, So Aquanauts :)



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