Three forms of water

Ice Water Steam

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The water that you guzzle, the ice that you pause to crunch while drinking your juice or the fumes that come out of water while you lay in a tub of hot water are all water in different forms. But why does water have different forms? Well you see water is matter. Matter is anything that takes up space and has weight. Matter changes forms when it is heated up or cooled down. Water changes forms too. It can be a solid. It can be a liquid, or it can be a gas.

Water is a liquid at room temperature. In fact, water remains in liquid form between 0-100 degrees Centrigrade. Liquid water takes the shape of whatever container it is in. Water is transparent. This means that you can see through water. Did you know that 75% of our Earth is water and that first life forms on Earth originated in water?

Also, 75% of your brain is made up of water!! So keep drinking enough water to keep your brain healthy! ;)

Water when frozen, turns into ice. Unlike water, you can see that the ice chunk has a shape and you can hold it. Most of the ice you see is clear or white. Aren’t glaciers and icebergs made up of ice? Then why are they blue?Any guesses? Well,  glaciers and icebergs are made up of very densely packed and compressed ice. This dense ice structure reflects the blue light and absorbs all others!!

An iceberg
Image Credit: Flickr User natalielucier, via CC

Have you ever wondered why ice floats in water? Simple! Ice is lighter than water. If it were heavier it would sink. No wonder icebergs always float in the ocean!


You can see water change from a liquid to a gas when your parents boil water for tea on the stove. When water is a gas, it is called water vapor, or steam. Steam has more volume than water. A glass of water can be turned into steam that can fill up the entire room.

Image Credit: Flickr User breatheindigital, via CC

Steam has a lot of energy. In olden times, steam was used to run huge engines!! These were called steam engines.

Enough about water. Now some food for thought;)

Can you turn steam into water or ice? Can you turn ice into steam or water?

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