chipmunk digging to hide the nuts or berries

Jumping Jacks or Squirrels!

Squirrels are the most interesting in the family of rodents. They argue with the birds jumping from tree to tree. And yes how can we forget that their mouths are always full of nuts. These greedy little beauties have the most adorable big eyes and bushy tails. The tail serves a lot of purposes for squirrels. It acts as a parachute when they jump from high places. When it rains the tail becomes an umbrella and a blanket when it is cold.

Squirrels are born blind but can start to see as they get older. Their eyes help them in being  good climbers. There are many kinds of squirrels – gray squirrels, red squirrels, white squirrels, fox squirrels, ground squirrels and flying squirrels. It is very interesting to watch them play. Jumping from one tree to another, running on the building tops, hiding outside your windows.

Albino squirrel or white squirrels

  • Flying squirrels can’t fly like birds but they can glide between trees.
  • Chipmunks or ground squirrels are small striped squirrels and have cheek pouches which help them carry extra food.
  • Fox Squirrel is the largest squirrel among all the tree squirrel species.
  • Gray squirrels are excellent climbers and build nests in trees, garages, attics and cars. They are the ones that cause most nuisance to humans.
  • Red squirrel is protected in most of Europe.
  • The unique white squirrels are true albinos, sporting white fur and pink eyes with crystal blue irises

Squirrels are nuts about nuts

They are nuts about nuts and so they are constantly hiding the nuts, berries, grains and pine cones in hollow of the trees or digging  holes to hide them. When it is winter and the ground is frozen they still find most of the nuts and the berries they hid.  However some of the hidden nuts that are not found grow into trees. Because of this habit they also unknowingly help the forest to grow. They unknowingly plant millions of trees, much more than all of us.

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