lizard lizard on the wall!

Lizard Lizard on The Wall!

Ever had a close shave with a Lizard crawling on your room wall… Eeeeew! right?
But have you ever wondered how are they able to do that? How do they maintain  a perfect grip  while climbing the walls? Let’s find it out. After all it’s a very special skill that they have.

Lizards have millions and millions sticky foot-hairs at the bottom of each of their four toes.  Each foot-hair in turn splits into another hundreds of tiny tips ( Have you ever noticed split ends in your hair??) These tiny infinite, sticky hair allows lizards to stick themselves strongly on rough and smooth surfaces alike. Thus, Climbing vertical surfaces and even roofs tops becomes a very easy job for lizards.

Some tizzy lizzy facts:

  • Lizards smell with their tongue—like snakes.
  • Lizards shed their skin and grow a new one.
  • If caught by the tail, to escape, most lizards can break their tail off at and later grow another. The new grown tail is smaller and has no bones.
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