Mohamed Morsy new Egypt President

Mohamed Morsy new Egypt President

Mohamed Morsy is set to become Egypt’s first elected President following a historic election, brought about by an uprising that first threw out the former dictator, Hosni Mubarak. The Hindu Reported.

Are you scratching your head ? What does elections, voting, president mean ?

Hmmm, Let us try to understand. Every country needs a government which has many policy makers which in turn helps in the running of the country. The head of this government is called the “President”.

You must have seen something similar in your school, whenever a class leader has to be chosen the teacher selects some names of students. All your classmates write a name of the kid they like on a tiny sheet of paper. The sheets are collected and counted,whoever gets the most, is selected as the class leader.


So the “President”  is like a class leader, the process of choosing is “Elections” and the tiny sheets with names on them are like “Votes”.

Cairo’s Tahrir Square, the ground zero of the revolution, filled by Mr. Morsy’s supporters, erupted in elation as the message of their candidate’s victory homed in.

The country is in its first stage of democracy.


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