Monsoon hits Kerala

Monsoon hits Kerela

The southwest monsoon has finally reached the south of India and has set over entire state of Kerala and also parts of south Tamil Nadu and coastal Karnataka, reaching up to Mangalore. 

In case you are thinking what are we talking about, we are talking about monsoon. Monsoons are very strong winds and they always blow from cold to warm regions.

In summers, when centre and north of India becomes very hot, winds(monsoon) from the Indian Ocean blows toward India. On their way these winds absorb a lot of water from the Indian ocean. So now imagine a tuft of wind carrying infinite number of tiny water balloons with it.

This wind reaches the southern tip of India ( remember the ‘V’ of india, thats the southern tip!) . Then they first hit the western ghats resulting in rains. After South, Monsoon is likely to reach Pune and Mumbai in three-four days. 

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