mosquito bite

Mosquito Bites

Zzzzzzzzzz! As soon as it is evening or early morning the mosquitoes are out hunting for their victims. When they land on their prey they put their saliva on the skin, which acts as a painkiller. This painkiller hides the pain so that it doesn’t hurt when the mosquito sucks out the blood. It keeps doing so until it is full. No wonder you only feel that you have been bitten long after the deed is done. So you see the mosquitoes don’t really “bite” us  but we still use the term.
mosquito drinking nectar from flowerHave you ever wondered why only female mosquitoes bite and not the male mosquitoes. Mosquitoes generally survive on the nectar of flowers but the female mosquitoes need the nutrients from the blood to make eggs and that is why they are the ones causing the trouble.






If you are bitten by a mosquito, you will only feel the itch and pain a few minutes after the bite took place. Pain and itch is then followed by swelling. This happens because all the humans are allergic to the mosquito saliva. A mosquito bite usually itches for only a few minutes, so it helps if you do not scratch it. The more you scratch, the more pain and itch you feel. A quick remedy is to allow cool water to run over it or simply ignore it.

A person is in danger if the mosquito bites him and in the process transfers the blood of an infected person to him. Because of this act, these little insects are dreaded by everyone as they carry and cause contagious and deadly diseases.


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