North Pole

North Pole Marathon


Image Credit: Flickr user Marion Doss, via CC


Running a marathon is a not an easy feat at all. Imagine a marathon in arctic conditions!! Not many of you must have heard about it but North pole marathon is indeed one of the toughest races on the earth where participants have to run for miles in deep snow and below freezing temperatures.

North pole marathon 2013 for women was won by Fiona Oakes, 43. She completed the race in 4 hours 53 minutes, battling temperatures minus 30 degrees below freezing temperature. There was a time when she was in waist deep snow and her face mask froze but the champion just kept on going.

The men’s marathon was won by Gary Thornton, 33,  who is a school teacher. He said that the marathon was once in a life time experience.

Congratulations to the winners!!



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