Olympic Begins Today

Olympics to Begin from Today


The moment we all had been waiting for! Today is July 27, 2012 and the Olympics are finally going to start today. Much awaited event right?

Here are some more fascinating facts about Olympics that you would like to know:

  • Art competitions were a part of modern Olympics from 1912 to 1952.
  • Since the tradition of Olympics started in Greece, participating athletes from Greece are always the first to enter the stadium for the parade.
  • Three continents – Africa, South America, and Antarctica – have never hosted an Olympics.
  • The gold medals distributed during Olympics are not entirely made up of gold. They are 92% silver covered in gold. However, in ancient Greece a wreath of olive branches was placed on the Olympic winner’s head.
  • London Olympic stadium will hold 80,000 people but is the lightest ever. How do they do that huh? Also London Olypimcs is aiming to be the greenest Olympics ever!

So Happy Olympics watching ! And here’s wishing all the participants All the Best.

“Citius, Altius, Fortius,” – Let the Olympics begin!

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