Peace for Animals at Jim Corbett

Just imagine this. You are trying to rest in your house but there is loud music and noises from all around. You wouldn’t be able to rest right? And if that happens almost everyday, it will really annoy you.

The same had begun to happen with the animals living  in India’s oldest national park, Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand.
Do you know What is a National Park? A National park is a patch of forest, maintained by a nation’s government, to protect the animals living inside it. A lot of animals make it their home, especially the ones that are becoming fewer in number because of hunting.
Jim Corbett National Park is especially famous for its tigers.

Now, tourists staying close to Jim Corbett Park or sometimes marriage functions held close to the park play loud music till late in the night. These loud noises irritate not only the tigers but other species living in the huge forest cover.

To stop this, Goverment has put a ban on any loud noise around the Corbett National Park and declared it a “complete silence zone“.

Hope this new rule will let the animals live peacefully :)

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