Yacyretá Dam (hydroelectric power plant)

Power Of The Water – HydroPower

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Does water give us power? Yes, it does. It gives us power to live as our bodies are made up of 70% water. Keep drinking water to stay cool.

Is there some other kind of power that we can get from water? Yes, it is called the hydro power ( hydro means water in Greek). Ever tried to sit near a waterfall? If you have, you will remember one thing and that is the roaring sound that the falling water makes. The higher the waterfall is, the louder the sound it will be. The destructive power of a flood. Immense strength of the heavy rains. We know that when water flows or falls at a high speed it is extremely powerful. Is there a way to use all this power of the water and change it into some other form of power?

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This thought sounds new to you, but ancient people have been long using the power of water to grind grain or to beat wood into pulp. All of this was done by using Waterwheel, a wheel with paddles around its rim.  However, there was one problem with these machines they only worked well when the flow of the water was strong. So they worked well when the floods were strong and did not work during rainless periods. How can you work when you don’t know for sure if there will be power or not.

In 1827, a small streamlined, metal waterwheel called turbine was introduced. It was more affordable, smaller in size and more effective than the traditional waterwheels.

Yacyretá Dam (hydroelectric power plant)
Image Credit: Flickr User TheAlieness GiselaGiardino, via CC

Today, this hydropower that is generated by turbines and dams is used to make Hydroelectricity.  It is a term used for electricity that is generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the force of falling or flowing water.

This kind of  energy is also called renewable energy as the water can be used over and over again, unlike some other fuels like coal, gas, petrol that burn up. There is another advantage of using water to provide energy, it does not pollute the environment.

A lot of scientists are trying to get the energy from the tides of the ocean and convert it into electricity. The power from the ocean tides is called tidal power.

Can you guess some other forms of renewable energy?

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