Manmohan Singh Visits Myanmar Photo Credit The Hindu

Prime Minister visit to Myanmar


What are neighbor countries? Neighbor countries are the ones that share a border. India is a large country and therefore has many neighbors. Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Myanmar are all India’s neighbours.

Just like we are friendly with our neighbors, it is also very important for any country to have good and friendly relations with its neighbors. When this does not happen for some reason, there is always a feeling of mistrust between the two countries. These unfriendly relations give rise to tension between two countries.

This means there is always a fear of being attacked by that country, so more money is spent in making only the armed forces stronger instead of using it for the growth of the country.

Also the advantages from trade between two countries are reduced or lost.

A sad example of unfriendly relations is our neighbour Pakistan. Imagine you and neighbor friend fight over the same bunny toy. Similarly, India and Pakistan are fighting over the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

However, India has always been known as a peace-loving country. As far as possible it tries to maintain good relationship with neighbouring countries. Currently our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting Myanmar with the aim of strengthening the relations.



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