Saturns Titan

Salty Ocean beneath Titan?

Did you know that Saturn has 62 Moons!! What a fascinating view in the night sky that must be :)  The largest moon of Saturn is Titan. Titan is so big in size that if it orbited the sun instead of Saturn, it would probably be a planet.

A team of international scientists now say that there are strong signs that Saturn’s giant moon Titan may have a salty ocean beneath its surface.

This deduction was made by reading the information sent from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that flew by Titan at least 6 times between 2006 and 2011. The information suggested that Titan squeezed and stretched depending on its orbit around Saturn, like a balloon filled with water. Had Titan been all rock and solid ice it would not squeeze like that. Probably means that Titan is squishy and possibly contains water.

If the news is confirmed, Titan will become another one of the solar system moons that have essential ingredient for life which is water.

Isn’t this good news because if there is some water there might be some life there too. And if not today then maybe in the future !


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