The solar storm

Solar Storm hits Earth

Sun was in a very different mood yesterday. Seemed like it was a bit angry. Yesterday, The Sun sent strong solar flares of energy into the atmosphere. A solar flare is a violent blast that takes place within the Sun, releasing huge energies.

A solar storm arrived on Saturday morning and will last through Sunday. Though we didn’t realise it as much, our Earth was hit by the storm. Solar storms sometimes can cause power blackouts and damage satellites(also the ones that make radio, Tv and telephones work). It can affect astonauts in space. Flights should be rerouted to avoid the extra radiation around the north and south poles.

Aurora, Photocredit:jan Curtis

While Solar storm might mean trouble, it also creates some spectacular sights in the sky. The storm creates arches of colorful lights in the sky called auroras. The lights are usually seen from the North and South Poles that are the Earth’s magnetic areas.

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