Spectacular View of the Red Planet,Photocredit:foxnews.com

Spectacular View of the Red Planet

In 2003, NASA launched ongoing Mars Exploration Rover Mission (MER). It involved two automated motor vehicles called Rovers exploring surface of the planet Mars after landing. The two rovers are named ‘Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’.

Nasa has recently joined together 817 different images taken by  Mars Rover – Opportunity, over a four-month period, to create a spectacularly detailed view of the red planet. NASA is calling the view as the “next best thing to being” on the Red Planet. 

NASA has launched another rover named ‘Curiosity’ that is expected to land mars in early august. It is the most advanced machine (nicknamed a “dream machine” by NASA scientists) and carries its own rock-analyzing lab and aims to hunt for any signs for life.

So ‘Spirit’ and ‘Opportunity’ will have another companion ‘Curiosity’ soon..
The Three Musketeers in space…Wow !!

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