Thunder and Lightning

The Shouting Candle – Thunder and Lightning

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

Rachel, Keith and Molly were playing in the park. Suddenly dark clouds loomed over their playground.

They wondered whether to stay or run home, and all of a sudden there is a loud rumble.

Rachel looked up and said, ” Hey we have a storm coming I just saw the lightning flash”.


Molly’s father called them inside the house as it started to pour.

As soon as they reached the house, Keith remembered that he left his scooter in the park.

Another loud crash followed.

“What made that sound?” Molly’s father asked.

“Thunder”, all three answered.

“Did it hit a tree or my scooter”, Keith asked worryingly.

“Thunder never hits trees. It is lightning that hits trees. Lightning strikes before the thunder. By the time you hear the thunder, the lightning has disappeared”, explained Molly’s father.

All three kids sat near the window and watched out as Molly’s mom gave them hot chocolate.

Rachel almost spilled the hot chocolate as Keith jumped up and down when lightning hit the tree.

“That’s the tallest candle I have seen”, Molly said. “And the loudest one too”, added Rachel.

“What if the lightning hits us here?” Keith was concerned now.

“First of all the lightning doesn’t always hit an object and even if it does it hits the tallest building or a tree around.” Molly’s mom explained.

“So that means we are safe in our small house”, said Molly intelligently.

“You know what will be safer than the house, Molly?” Keith questioned.

“Staying in your doghouse”, teased Rachel.

After half an hour, the rain stopped, and the clouds cleared. They ran out to get Keith’s scooter that looked wet but otherwise just fine.

There is an interesting Cambodian mythological tale that explains thunder and lightning.


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