Drybath by Ludwick Marishane

Too Lazy to Bathe!

Aren’t there some days where you don’t want to take a bath, but mom just won’t listen. Well now there is a way you can feel refreshed without taking a bath, all thanks to a young South African. Want to know more?..

So this young man has invented a product which can make you clean , without taking a bath :)

A few years ago, 16-year old Ludwick Marishane and his friend were enjoying a day at the beach. Ludwick’s friend was too lazy to shower and said — “why couldn’t someone just invent a product he could put on his body right there to get clean?” Ludwick did some research  and over time came up with DryBath.

While Ludwick was researching he found that one third of world’s population did not have water or proper sanitation. If those people had an option of DryBath, serious diseases can be avoided.

So this young lad  started off as helping a “lazy” friend ended up helping so many people around the world.

DryBath is different from hand sanitizer in that it eliminates heavy alcohol smell and in turn creating odourless, biodegradable cleansing film with moisturisers….Interesting isn’t it?




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