Tornado hits Bangladesh

Image Credit: Flickr User PhotoJunkie!, via CC

A monstrous tornado hit the South East Bangladesh on Friday tearing through about 20 villages in its way.

So far 21 people are dead and more than 200 injured. The tornado destroyed many houses, blocked roads, overturned buses and cut out power supply – doing a lot of damage there.

It will take many weeks of rescue operations to bring the villages back to normalcy.

Bangladesh and parts of east India get quite violent seasonal storms and occasionally tornadoes during spring time. Single tornadoes in this area have been known to kill hundreds or even thousands of people. In fact, the deadliest tornado in world history occurred in Bangladesh in the 80’s – April 26 1989 to be exact, when it killed 1,300 people.

The tornadoes that occur in eastern India or Bangladesh are not so well studied by weather experts. East India and Bangladesh are probably the only place in the world that produce tornadoes as powerful as the ones in Tornado Alley USA.

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