Twitter Attacked by Hackers

Image Credit: Flickr User jez`, via CC

Twitter attacked by Attackers or Hackers? Why are some attackers called hackers? While you must be familiar with burglars – those are the people that enter your house without your permission and steal you belongings. Hackers are also kind of burglars, but they are special kind of attackers. They use computer programming to enter other people’s computer and steal information stored on their computers.

But why would they steal information? What do they gain by that? They steal personal information, such as credit cards and social security numbers, email addresses or phone numbers which they sell. Sometimes they hack to spread a computer virus to harass people. And sometimes they want to just become famous – as ones that were able to break into an otherwise safe computer system belonging to a famous person or organization.

Recently 250,000 Twitter users’ passwords had been stolen, as well as usernames, emails and other data.

Twitter has sent emails to the affected users with new passwords.

Internet security specialist Graham Cluley suggested that people be careful because they could get spam email from hackers pretending to be Twitter.

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