What is happening in Assam?

What is happening in Assam?


So what is happening in Assam? Why are we hearing about so much violence in Assam?
First you have to know this. Our neighbouring country Bangladesh and our north eastern state Assam share a huge border area.This border is not very securely guarded by Border Security Force(BSF) due to the lack of equipments. Also, heavy and frequent rainfall in the area makes it a very difficult terrain to watch out.
So a lot of non-indians can enter the country using this border.
As a result, there are many Bangladeshis settled in the state of Assam. They are known as the ‘Muslim migrants’. On the other hand, ‘Bodo’ is a community of people that belong to Assam and settled here many many years ago. Now sadly there is a fight for land between Bodos and Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants which resulted violence in Assam.
Hopefully, there will soon be a solution to this situation and all people in Assam will peacefully co-exist with each other.
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