different animals made up of cell

What Makes Up Plants and Animals?

Well  Well Well,
Can you tell ?
What makes both Naughty boy Nell, and his pet doggie Dell ?
It is a teeny weeny Cell :)

Image Credit: Flickr User Smabs Sputzer, via CC

Look at the picture above, aren’t all of them very different. Would you believe me if I said that they are all made of only one thing, and that is cells. A cell is the smallest unit of a living matter. Plants and animals that have only one or few cells are very tiny and cannot be seen without the help of a microscope. There are also one celled organisms such as euglenas, amoebas, and bacteria.

Image Credit: Flickr User pinksherbet, via CC

However, there are some unique cells like an egg cell that can be seen by a human eye. If you break an egg, you will see a yolk with a tiny spot; this cell will grow into a chicken. The egg white and the shell are just for the protection of the cell.

Larger plants and animals have millions or trillions of smaller cells. The cell defines the characteristics of the living things like appearance or behavior of the plant or animal.

Image Credit: Flickr User tylanarocks, via CC

The Cells all have different sizes, shapes, and jobs to do. Humans have muscle cells, nerve cells, blood cells and skin cells. Plants have flower cells, leaf cells and root cells.

In one minute, about three billion cells in your body die. Scary? Nah! While the old cells are dying other cells are dividing and replacing the new ones. This is very interesting, the length of time that cells live also varies. For example, white blood cells only live for thirteen days, red blood cells live for about one hundred and twenty days, and nerve cells can live up to one hundred years.

Cells are excellent!

Did you know:

The yolk from an ostrich’s egg is the biggest cell.




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