Wildfires devastating Spain

Wild Fires on Canary Islands

Spain is in trouble as the Firefighters are fighting a forest fire on La Gomera in Spain’s Canary Islands. A Wildfire/forest fire is any uncontrolled fire in deep dense forest. Wildfires often start unnoticed. These fires are usually triggered by lightning or accidents. They spread quickly, igniting trees, and homes which are in the nearby areas.

The worst affected area on La Gomera is Valle Gran Rey. Road access has been cut by the fire, which has spread with high winds and tinder-dry vegetation.

Thousands of people had to run away leaving their homes. These people are being accommodated temporarily in a school gymnasium.

A month ago North America was severely affected by the wildfires and Spain’s north-eastern Catalonia region was also under fire.

(Photo Credit: NBC news)

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