Damage by Floods in Assam

Destruct by Floods in Assam

Imagine a container with water. Pour some water till the top. What would happen now if you pour some more water than it can hold? Water will overflow to the surroundings. Same happens with rivers. Sometimes rivers get over filled with a lot of extra water. This mostly happens at the time of non stop heavy rainfall. The extra water from the river flows into the surrounding land areas and submerges them. This is called flooding.

Destruct by Floods in Assam, Photo Credit:www.news.outlookindia.com

Sadly, one of world’s most powerful river – Brahmaputra in Assam is overflowing due to heavy monsoon rains. Therefore, Assam has been devastated by the floods. Lakhs of people have become homeless in this flood.

Kaziranga during Assam Floods, Photo Credit:www.sevensisterspost.com

World’s largest river island ‘Majuli,’ is almost submerged in water. World famous Kaziranga National Park has been badly effected where hundreds of animals are missing.


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