Jane and The Cheetah

(Nathasha, 9, finishes her story A Big Cat)

A Big Cat

Image Credit: Pixabay User PublicDomainPictures,via CC

Read the first part of the story here.

In front of her was a cheetah, circling her. Jane was very astonished because she wasn’t expecting a cheetah. Then she remembered, when she had read the poster, a part of it had been ripped. She now knew the part before “cat” said “big”.
Jane noticed a tree house in the only tree in the yard.

Jane waited until the cheetah was behind her then took a step forward. The cheetah stopped, and then started to circle her again. She waited until the cheetah was behind her again and took another step. This time the cheetah took no notice. She continued to do this until she was next to the ladder. She slowly climbed up only to find that the tree house was full of chickens. She took a breath and sat on the tree house. The chickens left her alone for which she was thankful. Jane looked down.

The cheetah was sitting patiently for its lunch. Jane had brought the list with her. She looked at the top, it said the name of the big cat is Cindy. Jane thought for a while then looked down. “Cindy”, she said. “Cindy… good girl”, the cheetah looked up. Some chickens started running in the garden and Cindy started running with them. Jane climbed down.

She ran back to the house and pulled out the tinned lamb. She looked in all the drawers but couldn’t find a tin-opener. Suddenly, there was a smart idea. She carried the tin back to the tree house. Then she placed the tin in front of a chicken. The chicken pecked at the tin, and amazingly the tin cracked open. Jane snatched the tin and poured it down to Cindy that devoured it. Jane quickly  climbed down as Cindy was distracted, and shut the door on the way out.

She walked home, wishing she had never volunteered.


  1. Nice!i didn’t exactly understand the last part so I’d advise you to improve on that!i hope you do and I hope you don’t feel bad!!!

    • No I don’t feel bad. I actually agree with you. I submitted a very different last part, but I think Kinooze understood differently and edited it. Thanks a lot for pointing that out. I haven’t been on Kinooze for a long time since I was in Sri Lanka

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