A big cat

A Big Cat

(Nathasha, 9, writes the first part of this multi-part thrilling story)

Image Credit: Pixabay User nemo,via CC

The bell rang, and the school was over for two weeks of holiday. Jane and her friend Holly walked home. Suddenly, a brightly colored poster caught Jane’s eye. She read it, and since she had no plans for the holiday, she knew exactly how to brighten up the weeks. Now, Jane loved cats and kittens, and the poster wanted a responsible child who would like to take care of a cat for 2 weeks. A Cat sitter.

The owner of the cat was a zookeeper named Mr Le. Jane ran home forgetting all about Holly. She asked her parents for permission and ran all the way to 67 Giraffe Street where Mr Le lived. Jane told Mr Le how she really wanted the job. Mr Le hesitated about how he wanted a responsible child. It was clear to Jane that Mr Le was not sure that Jane was old enough to take responsibility. Later that afternoon, Mr.Le called Jane and told her that she’d got the job. He asked her to come to his house the next day at 9:00am.

The next morning Jane was told that she will be paid $10.50 each day and that Mr Le was going to Hawaii for some work. He handed her the keys as he stepped into the car. She walked into the kitchen and found the daily schedule on the table. Jane read through it quickly. She stopped at the meal times. ” What kind of home cat eats tinned lamb?” She thought. At the bottom of the list, it said where the cat was. “Backyard”. She walked to the backyard and saw nothing. Suddenly she heard a roar. She had heard the meowing sounds of a pet cat’s but never roaring one. She screamed as she realized the truth.

Read the next part here.

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5 responses to “A Big Cat”

  1. chandrakiran Avatar

    That’s very nice……

  2. senuri123 Avatar

    Thankyou everyone who read my story, and remember it’s just the first part. I’m still working out the second part. So keep your eyes peeled. By the way, feel free to tell me your predictions of why Jane (the main character) screamed!

  3. Arusha Avatar


  4. Arusha Avatar

    I think it was either a lion or a tiger that was there and pls complete it soon!

  5. senuri123 Avatar

    You’re guess is very close. Keep guessing!

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