An Awesome Day

(A heart warming post by our young reader Kush, who is nine years old)

Christmas presents under the tree.

Jim was so happy. He was shouting, “Tomorrow is Christmas!”. He could not wait any longer. It was Christmas eve and he went to bed early. Soon he was fast asleep. He kept dreaming about the kind of gifts Santa will bring to him. He hoped his letter had reached Santa on time.

When he woke up next morning he ran to his Christmas tree and found all his gifts. Excitedly he opened each one of them, it was everything that he had wanted. And some of the things that he forgot to put in the letter were there too! All the gifts were wonderful, and useful.

He wanted to show it to his parents so he yelled, ” Mom! Dad!”. His parents came running. They were happy to see him so excited. Then his mother said, ‘Jim, I have a surprise for you’. “What is it?”, asked Jim. His mother hugged him and said, ‘Merry Christmas, son!’. Jim realized that in his excitement he forgot to say Merry Christmas. He quickly smiled and hugged them, “Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad!”.

Being together as a family and with all new gifts.  Oh it was such an awesome day for Jim!


  1. the reality that it is not only during holiday seasons family must bond and experience the truth of love..the love shown by each family member is most important that will let them to acknowledge the sacrifices and things that our parents have done to us..but nice story..

  2. Really nice Kush,hope you write just as nice stories.Anyway thank you editor for publishing such a cute story.the true thing of Christmas is the love and happiness your parents give you.

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