Christmas time

Christmas Time

(Ishan, 9, relives the holiday joy brought by Christmas)

Image Credit: Flickr User paparutzi, via CC

Carollers are singing,

And Christmas bells chime,
You can hear them jingling,
Because it’s Christmas time.

In every house is a Christmas tree,
It is surely very lovely to see.
You could see everyone jumping with joy!
As they open their presents examining each toy.

You could smell the aroma of gingerbread,
Or smell the snow from which comes down a sled,
Candy canes and ornaments ,
And candles with lovely scents.

We eat Christmas dinner,
Oh, what a thriller!
The pie melts in your mouth,
And if you don’t get more you pout.

The snow is ice cold,
So that would be something you wouldn’t want to hold,
You can feel all the stockings made of red velvet,
It is so soft that you would really want to touch it.

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One response to “Christmas Time”

  1. Arusha Avatar

    Nice way to express your Xmas emotions!and awesommmmme rhyming couplets!keep it up

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