Breads Vs Royals

(Imagination has no limits, no rules! Our little writer, eight year old Mihika, proves that right!)

A three floored palace

Image Credit: Flickr User Boris Savluc, via CC

In a three floored palace lived a princess. Her name was Jess. Her face was round, her lips were rosy pink and her eyeballs were green. Also her hair were light blue. Jess had a mother named Sristi. Sristi had a thin face and her eyeballs were light red and her hair were purple. Jess’ fathers name was Swayam. Swayam’s face was long and he had golden eyeballs and green hair.

The family had a servant named Sleeptastic. Sleeptastic’s eyeballs had no colour because he was always sleeping. Sleeptastic’s hair were also not seen because he always wore a sleeping cap.

One day Jess was toasting breads and suddenly the breads started attacking Jess .They broke the palace. Jess was very scared and she did not know what to do as she was alone in the palace. Everybody else had gone for a carriage ride and sleeptastic was sleeping as usual. Suddenly, the door opened and Jess was very scared that who had come to the door.

The royals entered very confidently. They knew what had happened in the palace. Sristi went to her room. She sat on her soft bed. She thought what to do and she had an idea. She went to the kitchen and brought two cups of butter. Then time for Swayam’s turn. Now Swayam was very scared although tried not to be. So Swayam went to his hard bed. And he had an idea. He went to his closet and took out a magic bulb.

Sristi was the first one to try. She put the two cups of butter in the breads noses and the breads could not breathe. After this was Swayam’s turn. Swayam rubbed the magic bulb on the breads and the breads fainted. At last came Jess’ turn. Jess went to her secret hideout and got a knife. Jess took the knife and cut the breads into pieces and ate them. Then after a while Jess asked Sristi that how did she know that the breads were attacking Jess. Sristi said she knew about this because every year on 1st January 3;30 pm if anybody toasts bread, the breads start attacking.

After knowing that they were safe everybody slept and lived happily ever after.


  1. Miku :) indeed a dreamy story…did u see this in your dreams…very nice. I enjoyed reading your story sweetheart :) Keep writing more.

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