Brinjal Vs Mango

(This sweet story is penned by our young reader Krish)

Image Credit: Flickr User finklez, via CC

There was a vegetable called Brinjal and there was a fruit called Mango. They were good friends.

Image Credit: Flickr User veganfeast, via CC

Once, they started fighting over one silly thing: Who is the real king ?
After five minutes the brinjal said, ” I am the real king, because I have a crown on my head!”
But the mango said,  “I am the real king because I am golden in colour!”
Then the brinjal said “You are yellow in colour not golden.Okay!”
“I have juice in me  and you have no juice in your body”, said Mango . “Moreover , you need to be cooked to be eaten.On the other hand, I can be relished raw “, the mango added.

Now the brinjal got really angry. He said, ” I have the colour Purple! The colour of the Kings!”


After a lot of argument, Mango and Brinjal realized that there is no use of fighting, and they can happily share the crown!

brinjal crown
Image Credit: Flickr User darinhercules, via CC

They learnt that they can be  friends and Kings at the same time! Hurray!

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  1. Esha Avatar

    your story is so cute.

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