China Protests against Japan

China protests against Japan over Diaoyu islands

Huge crowds gathered across China to protest against their neighbouring country Japan over the ownership of disputed Diaoyu islands. What is a Dispute or Disputed thing? Have you and your friends ever fought over a same piece of toy?  Oh Yeah !! So the toy is a disputed toy? Here China and Japan are arguing over the same piece of land.

Diaoyu islands are also known as Senkaku islands and are group of uninhabited islands in East China Sea.

Currently Japan controls five main Diaoyu islands.These islands contain rich deposits of shale gas and huge fishery resources.

China wants Japan to give up control of the islands saying that they once belonged to China. Japan on the other hand refuses to give up its claim on the islands.

A similar argument is going on between India and Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir.



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