Curiosity To Take a Big Leap

Dingo Gap at Mars

Image Credit: NASA, via CC

Adventurous Mars rover Curiosity has reached a point where it is going to perform a dare. It is all set up to jump a 3 feet tall sand dune. If things go wrong, it can be quite a disaster.

Considering that NASA, in 2009, lost its rover Spirit in a sand trap, what is the need for Curiosity to take such a big risk?

Curiosity’s ultimate destination is the base of Mount Sharp. The existing route leading Curiosity to Mount Sharp has sharp rocks that have been poking its aluminium wheels. The alternate path known as Dingo Gap is covered with the dune. In order to avoid the rocks, Curiosity will have to cross over the steep sand dune.

NASA scientists are going to be very careful and will monitor every step that Curiosity takes during the crossover.

All the best Curiosity!!


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