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  • NASA To Study Identical Twins

    NASA To Study Identical Twins

    Do you have an identical twin? Identical twins have identical genetic profiles. They look very similar, and if brought up in the same environment they even behave similarly. You just can’t tell one twin from the other! Twins are usually study subjects of researchers in the science labs. Why does the space organisation NASA needs […]

  • The Cloud City Over Venus

    The Cloud City Over Venus

    Did we give up the Mars mission? Nope, but all eyes are on Venus now. Well, the Mars mission is still underway in parallel, but NASA has come up with a new plan. They are considering to send astronauts on Venus. The more we learn about Venus, the better it would be for the Mars […]

  • A Safety Deposit Box On Moon

    A Safety Deposit Box On Moon

    Want to send something to the moon? You can now send a tiny something to the moon by using a service called moonmail. This service is offered by a company named Astrobotic. You can send diamonds, tiny rings and locks of hair to be saved permanently on the moon. Just like you keep things safely […]

  • NASA’s Orion – Flight to the Future

    NASA’s Orion – Flight to the Future

    NASA has named its new spacecraft ‘Orion’ quite aptly. The Greek name Orion means ‘rising in the sky’. NASA’s next generation spacecraft Orion, is built to rise in the sky, to carry humans into the deep space and eventually to Mars. NASA is planning to launch a test flight on December 5, 2014, which is today! The test flight […]

  • Asteroid Mining Will Begin Soon

    Asteroid Mining Will Begin Soon

    If you thought that asteroid mining is far away in the future, you are wrong. It can happen much sooner than you think. We have been mining the Earth for ages now and using the natural resources for our purposes. Now it is time to go and extract raw materials from asteroids and other minor […]

  • Falling Faster Than The Speed of Sound

    Falling Faster Than The Speed of Sound

    Alan Eustace, a computer scientist at Google broke the world record for the highest-altitude free-fall jump. Alan went up in a hot air balloon actually filled with 35,000 cubic feet of helium gas and jumped off from the middle of the stratosphere, 26 miles from the Earth. It took him 15 minutes to reach back the Earth’s […]

  • MOM Turns One Month Old

    MOM Turns One Month Old

    Hmm.. How can MOM be one-month-old? All of our moms are older than us, right? Well, we are not talking about a mom or someone’s mother. We are talking about India’s new Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM); that sent a satellite called Mangalyaan to keep an eye on Mars. The mission just turned one-month-old after its […]

  • Curiosity To Take a Big Leap

    Curiosity To Take a Big Leap

    Adventurous Mars rover Curiosity has reached a point where it is going to perform a dare. It is all set up to jump a 3 feet tall sand dune. If things go wrong, it can be quite a disaster. Considering that NASA, in 2009, lost its rover Spirit in a sand trap, what is the need for Curiosity to take such […]

  • Its Raining Diamonds!

    Its Raining Diamonds!

    Where is it happening? Probably in someone’s dream. No, it is happening for real. Sadly, it is not happening on Earth. Jupiter and Saturn are getting lucky as they are getting diamond rain. Their atmospheres are the largest producers of diamonds as Uranus and Neptune. How is it happening? Well, the atmosphere of Saturn and […]

  • Stranded In Space

    Stranded In Space

    NASA has two astronauts Mike Hopkins and Karen Nyberg at ISS. The space agency says that it will not be leaving their astronauts without supports because of a US Shutdown. Hey, wait a minute. What is US Shutdown? Well, US budget ends every September 30th. The new budget for the next year is usually passed by […]

  • Dream Job at NASA

    Dream Job at NASA

    How about if I tell you that all you have to do as a part of the job is rest in bed for 70 days? Yes. That’s true. Too good to be true? How? Microgravity, that is very weak gravity in space has always been a health concern for astronauts travelling in space for extended periods. […]

  • Mission Mars One

    Mission Mars One

    Mars One has to be the most ambitious mission in the history of space. It talks about sending humans to the red planet by year 2023. So whats the big deal about it, you might think ? The big deal is that the mission plans to send four humans to Mars in 2023 not to […]

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