Dream Job at NASA

Image Credit: Flickr User Tobyotter, via CC

How about if I tell you that all you have to do as a part of the job is rest in bed for 70 days? Yes. That’s true. Too good to be true? How?

Microgravity, that is very weak gravity in space has always been a health concern for astronauts travelling in space for extended periods. NASA scientists believe that head down bed rest is a good way to replicate an astronaut’s environment who is traveling in space with micro gravity conditions.

During the 70 day period, the subject will have to lie with head slightly down and feet up, for all 24-hours a day, without getting out of bed, except for very limited number of times to run some specific tests.

This study will show NASA scientists how prolonged space travel can effect an astronaut health wise and what measures can be taken to improve the negative effects.


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