Shenzhou 10

Shenzhou-10 in Space

File Photo Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons, via CC

In September 2011, China launched a space module named TianGong- 1. This was launched to work as an experimental space laboratory.  It is an unmanned space module that mean that there are no humans on it.

So far two space crafts have already visited TianGong- 1. The third one named Shenzhou-10 was launched yeaterday. It carries three people on board. If all goes well then the space craft should dock on June 13. The mission is 15 days long, so the spacecraft would return to the Earth on June 26th.

In China, astronauts are called  taikonauts. The taikonauts on this mission are  Nie Haisheng (Commander), Zhang Xiaoguan (Operator) and Wang Yaping (Laboratory Assistant). These three were also a part of backup crew for an earlier mission Shenzhou-9.


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