A Safety Deposit Box On Moon

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Want to send something to the moon? You can now send a tiny something to the moon by using a service called moonmail. This service is offered by a company named Astrobotic. You can send diamonds, tiny rings and locks of hair to be saved permanently on the moon. Just like you keep things safely in a safety deposit box. Here the things would be kept in a hexagonal capsule. The smaller one is as small as your medicine capsule and costs $460. The largest one is almost 32 times bigger and sells for $25,800. All the capsules would be kept in a Moon Pod.

How do you contact if you are interested?

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette report, Astrobotic has launched a website named moonmail.co where people can sign up to send their keepsakes in tiny MoonMail packages to the moon.

Who will make sure that your keepsake is cleared to go?

All the stuff will be checked by Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Defense. They will make sure that the cargo is cleared to go to the moon. No food items, please :)

Why will you use this service?

It is not as if you would ever be able to go and check the contents of the capsule then why would you want to use the service? The moonmail website has an answer for you, “The Moon Pod will serve as an invaluable time capsule representing our era for future generations of space travelers. We believe that these items will be considered prized valuables much like artifacts from ancient civilizations are treated today.”

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

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