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Flight to the Moon

“U.K.-based space-research company Excalibur Almaz hopes to make trips to the moon if not commonplace, then certainly more routine. It plans to use modernized Soviet-era space vehicles — of which it has six — to take people on missions around the moon.” WSJ reported.

Art Dula, the CEO, says this is not space tourism but exploration. Comparing this with the time when european sailors went around the world for the last several hundred years that has resulted in so much growth. For example the asteroidsthat are rich in metal could be a good starting point for exploration.


It will cost 100 million dollar – 150 million dollars to the people interested in being a part of this expedition along with intensive space training.

“Excalibur Almaz is based on the Isle of Man, a self-governing dependency of the U.K. The island is establishing itself as a space-technology cluster.” WSJ reported.

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