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  • Message In A Bottle!

    Message In A Bottle!

    An Australian couple Sean and Shelly Thomas recently vacationing in Scotland found a bottle in the sand dunes of Rattray Head on Scotland’s north-east coast. Imagine their surprise when they opened the bottle and found a 44-year-old message. Sean Thomas who is a collector and loves to collect unique things found this bottle on one of his routine hunts. The couple noticed […]

  • Rare Stone Age Axe Discovered

    Rare Stone Age Axe Discovered

    In Southern Denmark, the construction of the Femern Belt link, was under way. The Femern Belt link is a tunnel that will connect the island of Fehmarn, Germany, with the Danish island of Lolland. One day, at the construction site, some workers bumped into something different while digging the ground. It seemed like some tool […]

  • Ancient Maya Carving Found

    Ancient Maya Carving Found

    Around 2000 BC, Maya civilization came and settled in the rain forests of the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America. They had lived in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, the southern part of Mexico and eastern parts of El Salvador. The remains of the civilizations have been often discovered in these places. Recently, a 95% preserved frieze has […]

  • Singing in Space!

    Singing in Space!

    Wow! That is another feat Chris Hadfield accomplished. Chris Hadfield who? Hey! He is a a very popular Canadian Astronaut who keeps going back and forth to space. And while in space he keeps in touch with people on Earth by sending interesting videos and photos about how life is up there without gravity. This […]

  • Mt. Fuji is Now a World Heritage Site

    Mt. Fuji is Now a World Heritage Site

    Japan’s pride, the snow topped Volcano Mt Fuji is all set to become a World Heritage site. What is a World Heritage site? A World Heritage Site is a natural place or a man made wonder which is very special. It could be a lake, mountain, forest, mountain, island, desert, monument, building, complex, or a city. If […]

  • 23 Laguages In Few Weeks?

    23 Laguages In Few Weeks?

    Yes! That’s what a 17 year old boy, Timothy Doner from New York has done. He learnt 23 languages just in a matter of few weeks. Even Doner did not know about his hidden talent until he started learning Herbrew, which he easily picked up within a week!! Now Doner is being called by experts as ‘hyperpolyglot‘ often […]

  • Remarkable Journey of a Fish

    Remarkable Journey of a Fish

    A striped beak fish travelled all the way from Japan, aboard a stranded boat, to travel around 8,000 Kms and landed on a beach in Oregon, US. So what is so special about it you would ask? Don’t many fishes travel long distances to migrate from one place to the other? Yes, many fishes do but not this […]

  • World’s Lightest Material

    World’s Lightest Material

    Guess where the World’s lightest material has been invented and made? Well, pretty much like everything around us, the lightest substance Aerogel, is also made in China. It is so light that if a mug made out of it is kept on grass, not even a blade of grass will bend!! Aerogel is produced with a […]

  • Belgian Mathematician wins Abel Prize

    Belgian Mathematician wins Abel Prize

    Not many of you must have heard about the Abel Prize. But you will be surprised to know that it is an extremely prestigious honor and often also described as the “mathematician’s Nobel prize”. Remember that the Nobel Prize is not awarded in the field of mathematics. The Abel Prize was established in 2001 by the Government of Norway […]

  • Mysterious Prawn Deaths

    Mysterious Prawn Deaths

    Millions of prawns have been washed ashore in Coronel city, in Chile. The city is about 530km (330 miles) from the capital, Santiago. The scientists are suspecting that the strange sad phenomenon could be because of change in water temperature or its oxygen levels. For one it could be the local power plants that use the sea water […]

  • International Women’s Day

    International Women’s Day

    Did you know that today, March 8th is a day for women? International Women’s Day was first observed as a popular event after 1977 when the United Nations General Assembly invited member countries to proclaim March 8 as the UN Day for women’s rights and world peace. Yes! We have to celebrate this day by loving , honoring and respecting every woman that […]

  • Friend with Paws

    Friend with Paws

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. And what if that friend is a dog. In Poland, a dog proved this saying true when he saved a little girl. Three year old, Julia, disappeared from her house on Friday. She lost her way and ended up in nearby marshes. The temperature was 5 degrees […]

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