Chris Hadfield

Singing in Space!

Chris Hadfield
Image Credit: Flickr User jurvetson, via CC

Wow! That is another feat Chris Hadfield accomplished. Chris Hadfield who? Hey! He is a a very popular Canadian Astronaut who keeps going back and forth to space. And while in space he keeps in touch with people on Earth by sending interesting videos and photos about how life is up there without gravity.

This time Chris has posted a video of him singing David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station. Strumming a guitar and singing while floating in space – a video first of its kind!! Or shall we say first music video ever made in space ;)

The video has got nearly 3 million hits ever since it was uploaded a day ago. Chris is scheduled to return to Earth on May 13 after his five month stint at ISS. Till then, enjoy his video:








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