Ancient Maya Carving Found

Image Credit: Flickr User archer10, via CC

Around 2000 BC, Maya civilization came and settled in the rain forests of the Yucatan Peninsula of Central America. They had lived in Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, the southern part of Mexico and eastern parts of El Salvador. The remains of the civilizations have been often discovered in these places.

Recently, a 95% preserved frieze has been discovered in the foundation of a pyramid in the buried Maya city Holmul, in Guatemala. What is a frieze? Frieze is a broad horizontal band of sculptor or a painting on a wall near the ceiling, and it was very popular with civilisations in ancient times.

The sculptor measures 26 feet by nearly 7 feet (8 meters by 2 meters). The most exciting part about the rare discovery is that it is in a highly well preserved state. Even the paint on the painting is intact at some places.

The painting depicts in detail some of the Maya rulers in the ancient settings. It will provide an answer to many questions that archaeologists have regarding that era.

Scientists are trying hard to find ways preserve it from high humidity and temperature around it so that people can visit and see this ancient wonder.

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