Moon Astonishes The Scientists

Image Credit: Flickr User Jason Bache, via CC

On March 17, a meteorite weighing about 40 Kg and travelling at 56,000 miles per hour dashed into moon. The impact of the explosion created a stunning bright flash like never seen before. In fact the flash was so bright that NASA said that anyone looking at the moon at that moment would have noticed it with the naked eye, without the telescope.

The meteorite, almost 1 feet in diameter is believed to have left a crater as wide as 66 Ft on the surface of the moon. The NASA satellites are trying to locate that crater.

On the same day, NASA scientists notice an unusually high number of meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere too. They all burned up before reaching the ground. This is making scientists think that it may be a coincidence that Earth and Moon are travelling together and passing an area in space populated with lots of rocks.


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