National Park on The Moon?

Image Credit: Flickr User betsyweber, via CC

First of all, what is a National park? A National park is a piece of land that a sovereign state declares its own and then conserves it for future generations. National parks are often associated with wildlife and its conservation, however, that is not always the case.

So why do we need a national park on moon? If at all a park comes up, which nation will it belong to?

Well, the idea of the National park on the moon has been proposed by US. Some US lawmakers have suggested the Apollo Lunar Landing Sites should be conserved and made into a National Historical Park on the Moon. US has always considered Apollo landing as a remarkably important event in its history. Their point is that now when other nations preparing to explore the moon and thousands of tonnes of debris is already on the moon, it would be wise to protect the sites where Apollo landings took place for posterity. As of today, it is impossible because The UN Outer Space Treaty, which the US and many other countries have signed, clearly states that the moon, and all other celestial bodies, are the common heritage of mankind. That means that space belongs to everybody and no one country can stake any claim on it.


But just give it a thought. Something that seems very far fetched now might become a hugely relevant issue in the future. Hundred may be two hundred years into the future, will humans be fighting to divide the space on the moon? We say, it’s quite possible.


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