Flower Flower which Colour do You Choose

(Disha, 9, lets you peek into her garden through her colourful story!)


Image Credit: Flickr User dyogi, via CC

It was a peaceful night in the land of flowers. Next morning, the garden fairy came to wake the flowers.

“Good Morning!” said Hibiscus to Daisy.

“Two more minutes” she said sleepily.

“Alright, I will start the countdown – one, two, three, four ….”. Little insects were jumping across the flower bed, when Jasmine started singing:

“What a flowery day, Enjoyment in every way, Singing out aloud, Just like we are in a cloud —”

“Ha! Two minutes over Daisy” Hibiscus interrupted.

“Oh! Come on” whined Daisy sitting up.

“Hey guys! Good Morning!” wished Dahlia, “It’s such a lovely morning; Let’s do an activity today!”.

“I agree” Lily joined in, “I vote we have a competition on who looks the loveliest”.

“Great!  We will make Butterfly the judge!” suggested Rose, “I am sure to win, after all I am a lovely green colour”.

“Stand back, I am going to win Rose because I am a sober pink colour” said Lily.

“No way, I am winning. I have a number of petals shining with a golden yellow tint” said Dahlia confidently.

“Are you joking? Did you know that Hibiscus is the only flower that attracts the most number of insects” quipped Hibiscus scornfully.

“I am going to paint myself another colour” said Daisy.

“Great idea!” shouted the others, “Let’s pick the colour of our choice and paint ourselves for the competition”.
Rose painted herself Red quite confidently. Lily painted herself a lovely shade of aqua Blue. Dahlia decided to paint herself Pink, and Hibiscus coloured herself in Magenta. Daisy, who was Blue before, coloured herself golden Yellow. All the flowers were at work, but Jasmine could not think of what colour to use. Just then, the little insects sitting on her leaves read her mind and suggested “why don’t you paint yourself White; it has all the colours of rainbow in it, and it would look very pretty on you”.

Jasmine nodded her head in agreement and thanked the insects. When all were done colouring themselves, and saw Jasmine in White, they burst out laughing and chanted “Colourless, Colourless!”

The next morning Butterfly came to judge the competition. All flowers were very confident except Jasmine. She thought that even Butterfly would tease her. But to everyone’s surprise, the judge declared Jasmine as the winner of the competition. She also explained how the colour White has all the other colours embedded in it. Everyone cheered for Jasmine and sang aloud –

White, white, Pretty and bright, Has the colours of rainbow in it, VIBGYOR – isn’t that right?


  1. The story was very nice. The conclusion was really great and I loved the two little poems you added in there. The ending also had a great twist but you may want to introduce your characters a little more. I loved the story though

  2. Wow,nice story.I enjoyed it a lot!
    Nice way of expressing a very nice concept.please keep writing on Kinooze ?

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