(Reina,9, gets poetic about her favourite colour.)

Image Credit: Flickr User Alberto Mari, via CC

Pink is… a feeling of a soft teddy
Pink is… a pretty girl, all nice and ready.
Pink is… the smell of melted candy floss.
Pink is… success and no loss.
Pink is… the sound of different gossip.
Pink is… the strawberry stuck on your lips.
Pink is… me, the princess dancing with a prince.
Pink is… a rose with a secret fragrance.
Pink is… children around the bubbler.
Pink is… me and my favourite colour.

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3 responses to “PINK”

  1. vanshika Avatar

    wow Reina what a wonderful poem.You have really expressed your feeling about what you fell when you have pink around. KEEP IT UP!!!

  2. zian Avatar

    you have expressed your feelings and what do you think about your colour poem

  3. Ding Dong Avatar
    Ding Dong

    Nice poem. I never knew that writing a poem on colours could be so much fun!! But awesome poem!!
    KEEP IT UP!!

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