Jack’s Adventure

Jack's adventure

Image Credit: Flickr User Elizabeth Roberts, via CC

(Lennon,8, writes a brave story about a fish named Jack)

Once upon a time there was a little fish, called Jack.

One day Jack went too close to the sea shore, and he was washed up by the big waves onto the beach. He had to save himself fast.

Jack quickly looked around for a rock pool, and he had an idea. He thought of  jumping into the nearest rock pool. Soon he saw a rock pool, and he used all his strength to lift himself up and jump down into that rock pool.

He was at the rock pool where a sea gull spotted him, the sea gull also jumped into the rock pool. In there were crabs, but his mom had told him to stay away from crabs. Jack hid behind a stone. After a while, came  another tide that took him to the sea.

He thought he was free, but a boat came and took him back to the land. Jack didn’t know that it was a sea life sanctuary.

They put Jack into the tank, and he had to do a little show. Jack made some friends in the tank.

One day they took Jack out of the tank, into a boat and let him go back to the sea. He was not far from home; he swam excitedly to home and told everyone about his adventure.

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