Lion’s Mane JellyFish




The lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have a mass of thin tentacles that resemble a lion’s mane, that is how they get their name.

Although lion’s mane jellyfish is made out to be a dangerous creature, it is not very harmful. Remember, big always doesn’t mean dangerous, huh! In-fact a sting from the lion’s mane jellyfish is not poisonous at all. It only causes a mild irritation or a rash. The stings from a lion’s mane jellyfish can be treated by application of vinegar.

Lion’s mane jellyfish are found in cold harsh waters, usually less than 68 degrees F. They may be found in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the coasts of Europe, and in the Pacific Ocean.

Lion’s Mane, just like the other jellyfish, is carnivorous and feeds on zooplankton and other small fishes. Lion’s Mane jellyfish  also feeds on other jellyfish like moon jellies. The predators of the lion’s mane jellyfish include seabirds, larger fish, other jellyfish species and sea turtles.

The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is typically found in shallow water and depend on the ocean currents to travel around. Because of this, people have a great chance to see these beautiful creatures, especially in the late summer and fall, as the large specimens get washed towards the shore.

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